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When you stay at The Hutch you'll find lots of extras. We offer many additional amenities to our guests free of charge to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Below is a description of what we offer. 


Every level of The Hutch has a common area with picnic table seating. The back second and third floors have outdoor refrigerators. Coffee pots are located in the rooms on the back floor. The front second and third floors also have indoor common areas which have a television (for movies only), DVD player, cushioned furniture, 

refrigerator and coffee pot. 

All guest have access to the common areas.  

Common Areas

Common Areas



Join us in the evening for fireside chats. Every night during the summer the embers will be aglow while guests tell stories about their day’s adventure. Enjoy a S'more while getting warm in our covered campfire pavilion.

Outdoor Pavilion

Our guests also have access to the outdoor pavilion and picnic area. Here you’ll find a large propane grill to be used for cooking up steaks, burgers, brauts, ribs or your day’s catch. We just ask that you fillet all fish down by the river. The picnic area is covered, so it is enjoyable even on rainy days.

Evening Campfire at the Hutch
Outdoor Pavilion
Evening Campfire
Rabbit Hutch


Our guests have access to are our ice machine, microwave, iron and ironing board. We also have a laundry facility, small fish freezer and soda cooler available for a minimal fee. 


Need something, but don’t see it listed? Give us a call as we might have it.  

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